Smooth Jazz Discover 135

Smooth Jazz Discover 135


Big releases this week. We present to you the album ‘Time Travel by the versatile saxophonist Reggie Hines. When you listen to it I think you’ll agree that it’s spectacular work.

Another important presentation comes to us from Las Vegas. It is the work of Farenheit 702, a project promoted by producer Greg Radford.¿More stuff? Get ready because we present you the latest from Ambient Monkeys, a project by Denny Jiosa, or the first work of the Baltic Jazz Recordings label, captained by Steve Levine, producer of Culture Club, The Beach Boys, The Honeyz, John Howard, China Crisis, Motörhead, Ziggy Marley, Westworld, Gary Moore and The Beach Boys.


00:30 Brendan Ross – Woman
03:00 Michael Fields Jr. – Lovette Road (Live) feat. Alisha Pattillo
06:30 Jon Batiste – Clair de Lune feat. Kenny G
08:00 Baltic Jazz Recordings feat. Ian Ritchie – PCM Interpolation
13:00 Walter Beasley – Never Can Say Goodbye feat. Todd Parsnow
18:40 Ryan Montano – Love Crash feat. Phil Denny
22:30 Farenheit 702 – Two for one
26:33 Farenheit 702 – Badu Aay
32:00 Ambient Monkeys – It’s a Good Day
36:30 Reggie Hines – Still Can’t Stop It
39:00 Reggie Hines – Might as Well
42:30 Reggie Hines – More Special Moments
48:00 Alisha Pattillo – Kiss of Life
52:30 Gil – 405 feat. Darren Rahn
56:00 Djsaxlondon – So Amazing